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Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters in Murrells Inlet SC 

         24 ft. Triton Center Console ..inshore/Nearshore  or OCEAN FISHING...                                           Everything needed to Fish is supplied...

​We cain't be #1...because everyone else is...LOL but if you looking for a great experience give us a try. We been doing this for 35 years in Murrells Inlet. Capt.Kerry and Capt. Shannon look forward to showing you a good time.

 Red Fish-Black Drum-Flounder-King and Spanish      Mackerel-Trout and SHARKS are some of the             species we will be targeting while fishing...

Make your Reservations as far ahead as possible to get the date and Trip you want

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       Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters / Catch 1 Sport Fishing Charters

​  We fish in the Ocean or in the Inlet it's up to you and the Weather


 October,November is for HUGE Red Fish

​ No Spray Sun Screen/or Vape Allowed on the Boat

   Booking Now Online or Call 843 450 1430​ for Reservations

        November and December the  Trout show up BOOK NOW

​  Red Drum, Black Drum-Flounder-Spanish    Mackerel-King Mackerel-Trout-Sea Bass-Trolling and Bottom Fishing trips available,

    3-5 miles reefs/weather permitting

​         ​​​​​​​           Murrells Inlet Fishing Charter    Prices 2021                                                        Murrells Inlet SC on the Marsh Walk

                           No  Spray Sun Screen/or Vape Allowed

                                            Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Charters Fishing  Trips are 4 Hours =1/2 Day...                             

                                                                                        Prices start at $ 495 


                                                                     $495 per BOAT // King Mackerel is extra charge

​                     Please bring 1medium cooler for the entire group. Fishing and Cruising may get salt spray so we                                           are not responsible for Cameras or Cell Phones. Bring a waterproof container or zip lock  bags for                                                               your  protection of Valuables. We supply Everything  needed to Fish..                                                                                                     *ONLY THE CAPTAIN CAN CANCEL THE TRIP*


                                                If you do not show for your trip booked you WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL.

                                                                      Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing Charter

​                                                             843-450-1430  Inshore and Near Shore Guided

                                                 SportFishing Charters in Murrells Inlet SC.

                                             We want EVERYONE to catch fish...But we do not

                                                  control the WEATHER or the FISH BITING ...

                                             We also catch our Bait Fresh ... This takes time so

​                                               please keep in mind we are doing this for YOU...

                                                    THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN FISHING......

                                          NO SPRAY SUNTAN PRODUCTS ALLOWED / No Vape